Online quiz for Angular 2, 4, 5 & 6 interview questions

In my previous blogs, I have posted many Angular interview questions without answers.

As part of AngularAttack hackathon, I have built an online quiz application for the same (of course using Angular).

This quiz contains 30 multiple choice questions covering Typescript, Angular 2, 4, 5 and 6 topics.


It is very simple, easy and fun to start the quiz.

1. Navigate to
2. Click on “Start Quiz” button
3. Read the question carefully. Select option and press Submit button. This shall show you whether answer is correct or wrong. If wrong it will show you correct answer. You should also see correct answer percentage for answered question.
4. Click on “Next Question” to move ahead
5. At the end/any point of time, user can press “End Quiz” button. Result shall be displayed along with score chart.
6. User can restart test by pressing “Start Quiz” button if he choose to.

For each question, user can see correct answer percentage which shall give him idea about difficulty level of question.

At the end of quiz, total score earned is shown along with average score chart earned by other participants. User’s score is highlighted using “sun” icon.


  1. Angular
  2. Firebase Database
  3. AngularFirebase2 NPM package
  4. Highcharts
  5. ngx-gist NPM package

Feel free to drop a message in story response if you find any dispute/correction/new questions.


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