Object-Oriented Programming with Angular

My first technical book got published!!!

My dear readers, I am very excited to share that, my first technical book about Angular got published! In this story, I will briefly share how I got into this book writing and what this book is all about.

For the last three years, I have been writing many blogs about Angular on this portal. It was just a hobby until BPB Publications contacted me about a year ago and asked me if I would be interested in writing a book about Angular. The decision was not easy, writing a blog against writing a book!? I thought okay, why not? But what would be this book about? Just another “How to Angular?” book? No, the official Angular documentation website is the holy bible and there are many other good books available as well. I wanted to make this book different and interesting.

Few years ago, I was doing consulting and corporate training on Angular, Microsoft .NET technology, MEAN stacks. What I learned during that phase is, while teaching Angular to Software Developers community who had some background in Object-Oriented Programming like C#.NET, Java and some UI development like Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET etc; I found out that presenting analogy between these programming languages and technologies was a quicker way for the audience to pick up Angular and TypeScript concepts! For example, Attributes in C#.NET and Annotation in Java are similar to Decorator in TypeScript.

Another topic I wanted to add in this book was how to build Enterprise applications. Since TypeScript gives Object Oriented appearance to JavaScript and Angular is a very modular framework; if modelled properly, one can build very complex and enterprise applications with ease of maintenance.

With these notions in mind, I started writing this book aggregating my experience and tips on how to build enterprise web applications and how to model application in Object-Oriented paradigm. Honestly, writing a book is very hard. There were few moments where I decided to give up on it. But my BPB Publication team, my friends and my family kept me motivated and brought me back on track. Thank you all! With their help and support, I did finish my first book!

I have put my honest efforts to open another door of Angular learning! This book is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback versions for purchase. You can buy it on a country specific Amazon website as well if you search by author name or book title.

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