“I regret…” says the creator of Node.js and dawn of Deno

In JSConf held in Berlin on June 2018 Ryan Dahl (inventor of Node.js) surprised the world by admitting what he found wrong with Node.js from start till date. His intetions were noble but after he left working on Node.js and diverted his attention to “GoLang” many things went sideways.

In his presentation, Ryan listed out what things he regrets most in Node.js world and how they could have been better.

Ryan mostly complaints about security issues, module resolutions, package.json, index.js, less use of promises over callback hells, kinda obsolete build system GYP instead of new GN, node_modules having complex algorithm, heavy packages etc.

Having said what he regrets, Ryan ended the presentation with “Deno — A secure TypeScript runtime on V8”.

Deno will try to focus on security aspects, simplified module system, single executable and last but not least “Typescript”. Deno is being written using Typescript 2.8.

If you are interested enough to contribute to new era, here is your target:


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