Building Bitcoin live price chart using Angular 5.1.0 and HighCharts

Yes, Bitcoin is flipping world upside down. There are people who says its a bubble which can explode anytime whereas many people are joining the roller coaster and folding their money multiple times.

Here we will try to build Bitcoin live price chart in comparison with Indian Rupees (INR) and US Dollars (USD). We shall use Highcharts for displaying price chart, Angular 5.1.0 for SPA and alphavantage for getting live Bitcoin price.

Check out the live version of website here.

Implementation is very easy.

Create a new Angular project using angular/cli.

Once project is created and dependencies are installed, we shall register timer with one second which shall hit URL to get latest Bitcoin price and update HighCharts.

Source code is simple and self explanatory. Explore complete source code on my GitHub repository.


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