Angular Interview Questions for Senior/Staff/Architect developer position [Part 2–2023]

Balram Chavan
9 min readFeb 8, 2023

Let’s continue for Part2. If you have missed Part1 of this story, then do check it out here.

1. How do you make sure your Angular application is secure?

[Interviewer(s)]: In this question, I would like to see how deep the candidate wants to go in security topic. I would keep an eye on topics like, OWASP guidelines for general web security, different protocols, known vulnerabilities, CORS, Cross Site Scripting, Encryption, Web Application Firewall (WAF) etc.

[Interviewee]: While answering this question, I would mention that I would follow the standard web application security practices, mentioning the terms, without going into details.

I would just have a glance on various types of web attacks, and will read through the top ten OWASP security concerns.