Angular Interview Questions for Senior/Staff/Architect developer position [Part 1–2023]

Balram Chavan
7 min readFeb 7

In this story, we will see what to ask, expect, and prepare for a Senior/Staff and an Architect Angular Developer/Engineer position. To keep content readable, this story will be split into different parts.

Angular Interview Questions for Senior/Staff/Architect developer position [Part 2–2023]


The first and most important part of any interview is the “Introduction”. All attendees should greet, and get introduced with each other, explain any specific situation like if video call with more than one screen, taking notes during discussion, looking at different camera angle, background noise, etc.

1. Can you please tell me about yourself?

As an interviewer, I always try to make sure the interviewee feels comfortable. I would note down the highlighted work, keywords which are related to current job opening. Based on the interviewee’s CV, I would ask for any technical gaps, expertise level on specific area like Nx, Ngxs, Rxjs, API, Cloud etc.

As an interviewee, this is my chance to pave a road for the next discussion. After a quick introduction, I would highlight some of the interesting work, open source contributions, blogs, other technical topics and keywords that I have prepared in details if asked for.
Honesty, and transparency, is very important during interview discussion. I wouldn’t brag about something I barely know, throw buzzwords, take credit of a work which I didn’t contribute much. I would highlight the areas I am strong, and areas I am learning. There is no shame in saying “I don’t know”, this save time, and help organize discussion effectively for all the attendees.

2. Can you please tell me more about your current project setup?

Here, I would like to understand team setup, interviewee’s roles and responsibilities, brief…