1. In AOT compilation mode, Angular web application get shipped with angular compiler along with website content in browser.

A. True

B. False

2. Async Pipe subscribes to observer and update expression whenever there is data sent from observer

A. True

B. False

3. Below command is used to run Static Code analysis of Angular application

A. ng build

B. ng profile

C. ng lint

D. ng serve

4. Router service needs to be explicitly provided in angular module to use it in other component via DI

A. True

B. False

5. We can chain multiple pipe in a single expression along with “async” pipe

A. True

B. False

6. Below component represent “target/host” DOM element inside Directive’s constructor

A. Element

B. ElementRef

C. Host

D. Target

7. To build application in production mode, use below command

A. ng build

B. ng serve

C. ng build — prod

D. ng lint

8. Directive can listen to host/target events using below decoarator

A. @Listener()

B. @HostListner()

C. @TargetListener()

D. @OnListener()

9. Using below wild card we can define page not found route

A. *

B. **

C. 404

D. ‘’

10. There can be more than one <router-outlet> element in angular application

A. True

B. False

11. Below service can be used to extract route parameters inside component

A. Router

B. Route

C. ActivatedRoute

12. HTTP service’s get/put/post/delete function returns

A. object of type “any”

B. Observable

C. Json data

D. callback function

13. Observer sends data to multiple clients via below method

A. send()

B. next()

C. emit()

D. publish()

14. By default, component’s change detection strategy is set to

A. OnPush

B. Default

15. One component can be declared inside more than one NgModule

A. True

B. False

16. To use HttpClient component you need to import below module

A. HttpModule

B. HttpClientModule

C. Http

D. None of the above

17. Below pseudo class represent void => * animation state

A. :enter

B. :leave

18. HTTP service is called even if observer doesn’t have “subscribe” method

A. True

B. False

19. A component can have child route defined using below property

A. routes

B. children

C. routeCollection

D. None of the above

20. OnPush is faster in performance than Default change detection strategy

A. True

B. False


1- B

2- A

3- C

4- B

5- A

6- B

7- C

8- B

9- B

10- A

11- C

12- B

13- B

14- B

15- B

16- B

17- A

18- B

19- B

20- A

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