Compute matrix calculation using GPU in browser and Angular

In a typical client-server architecture, client is supposed to do a little processing of inputs and more of user interactions. A web client should capture user inputs and data and send it to a server where heavy computations will take place and result will be sent back to a client…

My first technical book got published!!!

My dear readers, I am very excited to share that, my first technical book about Angular got published! In this story, I will briefly share how I got into this book writing and what this book is all about.

For the last three years, I have been writing many blogs…

Angular is infamous for frequent version releases. Angular team try to deliver at least two major versions in a year.

You can find Angular release schedule here:

In general, you can expect the following release cycle:

A major release every 6 months

1–3 minor releases for each major release


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